How do I change my DNS / Name Servers at Network Solutions?

Hosted DNS

Here are the steps to changing your name servers at Network Solutions to point to Netriplex.

1. Go to

2. Mouse over the far-right tab that says MANAGE ACCOUNT and choose LOG IN from the list.

3. Log in with your credentials

4. Click on DOMAINS on the left navigation tab, follwed by MANAGE DOMAIN NAMES.

5. Now click on the domain name that you wish to edit.

6. When the details of the domain are shown, you will see a section called DOMAIN CURRENTLY POINTS TO: There will be a small EDIT link right below the listing of your existing name servers. Click that EDIT link.

7. On the following page you will be given two options. Click the top button which says MOVE DNS.

8. On the next page, you are given two boxes to enter your name servers. The Netriplex Mission Critical DNS Service gives more than two name servers, so you'll need to click the link that says ADD MORE NAME SERVERS so you can enter them all.

9. Now enter all of your name servers and click the MOVE DNS button.

10. After any further confirmations, you're done! Now give the system 24-48 hours to take effect before making any changes.