Transferring domains to Netriplex or pointing domains to Netriplex DNS servers.

Hosted DNS

IMPORTANT: This article does not apply to customers who are making DNS changes when using our Managed DNS solution. Different name servers are given based on your geographic location. This information is specified on the main page of your DNS login. Simply change your name servers to those that are provided at your domain registrar (e.g. GoDaddy,, Network Solutions, NameCheap etc.)

This article is intended for customers who have previously registered their domain name with a third-party domain registrar (example: Network Solutions) and who need to transfer it to Netriplex. In order for Netriplex to host your domain name and associate it with your hosting service, a domain modification request will need to be made with the company that your domain name was registered with. (known as a domain registrar). 


The domain modification/transfer process is the complete responsibility of the customer (the domain owner). If you need assistance transferring your domain name, please contact your domain registrar for technical support - you've paid for this support by virtue of owning a domain name with the registrar. Netriplex can not provide a lot of support resources assisting customers in the domain transfer process. The information contained in this document is our main customer resource for domain name transfer assistance. It is important to understand that Netriplex as your hosting provider has no more power to transfer your domain than a complete stranger would. As a domain name owner, you are completely responsible for the information (including the name servers) that is contained in your domain record.

For your reference, in order for Netriplex to correctly resolve your domain name to the IP address of your hosting service, your domain name record must contain the following name server information:

Primary Server Hostname: NS20.NETRIPLEX.COM
Secondary Server Hostname: NS21.NETRIPLEX.COM

Additionally, including Netriplex as the technical contact for your domain may provide additional security and management capabilities. Network Solution customers may use our NIC handle:

Technical Contact NIC: ZLDCNGTILI

Non-Network Solution customers should use the following Technical Contact information:

IT Manager
Netriplex, LLC
Box 2288
Skyland, NC 28776
United States
Phone: 800-619-8801

As this process is sometimes complicated, Netriplex has attempted to provide general information regarding domain name transfer. As stated above, you should consult your domain registrar if you have difficulty.

Any portion (outside of changing the owner or registrar) of your domain name can be easily modified by following the appropriate steps provided by your domain registrar. This article deals mainly with modifying the technical contact, and name servers portion of your domain name record so that it can be hosted in the Netriplex network. There are hundreds of domain name registrars internationally making it virtually impossible for us to provide the modification steps of each registrar. This article covers the modification steps of a few popular domain name registrars. You should however consult the particular registrar of your domain name for the exact modification steps.

Network Solutions (
The process of modifying your domain name record with Network Solutions can sometimes be difficult. Modification can be accomplished two ways: "Via Manage Your Account" (directly at the website), or "Manual Letter" (fax a letter). The two methods described:

Via Manage Your Account
This is a feature offered to all domain registrants. It is very simple, and offers the most expedient transfer. This method provides a web based interface to modify your name. Simply log-on to your account on the website and edit your technical contact and name servers using the information provided earlier in this article.

Manual Letter
When all else fails this method may be used. A letter may be sent via US Mail, or via FAX to Network Solutions requesting the domain name transfer. This method is processed by humans, and generally takes 5-7 days to complete. ( has made domain name modification simple by providing a web based interface to assist you in the process. Go to and click on "Manage My Account", follow the links to modify the name servers of your domain name record using the information provided earlier in the article.

More Information:
- Domain modifications can take 24-48 hours to be fully completed. - Reboot your computer if your domain still does not appear to be resolving correctly even after the modification wait period. - For security purposes, domain name records can only be modified by the domain name owner. For this reason, Netriplex is only able to provide limited assistance in actually getting your domain name correctly modified to be hosted on our network. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the customer to make sure that their domain name is correctly modified to resolve to the IP address of their host account.