Do you offer Reverse Lookup DNS (PTR) zones?

Hosted DNS

Yes we do. You must first, however, contact the ISP that issued you your IP addresses and have them delegate the IN-ADDR.ARPA or IP6.ARPA records to the first Netriplex name server listed on the DNS Manager home page after you log in. Once this has been completed, you will want to create a new *reverse* zone using the correct syntax. Here is an example that applies to *most* standard forwarding configured by IP address owners:

Let's assume you have been allocated a /28 (16 IP addresses) from your upline internet provider. The network ID of your allocation is

Based on the above information, you would create a new reverse zone (domain) using the following exact name: "0/". This configuration works 99% of the time. Some Internet providers prefer to allocate IP addresses in different way. If the above does not work, you may want to go to and run a reverse lookup test on one of your IP addresses. On the subsequent page you will see exactly how they configured it to ask the netriplex servers for this information.

If in doubt, please contact us. Setting up reverse DNS can be a frustrating thing. Fortunately, it only has to be done once. Once configured, you can manage it with ease.