What network uptime guarantees or service level agreements (SLAs) do you provide?


Netriplex offers 100% network uptime for all customers that choose dual network drops.

Many challengers will state that since 100% uptime is impossible to achieve, it is foolish to make such a promise, but we strongly disagree. If we only set out to achieve 99.9% uptime (which is the most common guarantee in the industry) we would be content with over 43 minutes of downtime per month. That kind of downtime is completely unacceptable, especially for mission critical online businesses.

Be sure to do comparisons with other host uptime guarantees and unlike many of them you will clearly see that ours is genuine and not marketing hype. We mean what we say and back it up with real guarantees. The best web hosting companies offer uptime guarantees to their customers but not all that offer guarantees are the best hosts. Some back the guarantee with real credits or refunds but be advised that many do not.

Here are some common guarantees in the industry today and the actual amount of downtime per month involved.

99.5% uptime = 216 minutes of downtime in a month
99.8% uptime = 86.4 minutes of downtime in a month
99.9% uptime = 43.2 minutes of downtime in a month
99.99% uptime = 4.32 minutes of downtime in a month
99.999% uptime = 0.432 minutes (26 seconds) in a month