DNS Service for .gov (dot gov) domains

We're often asked if we support .gov (dot gov) domains on our platform. The answer is YES!  You can find more information on our Government DNS offerings here

Step 1: Setting up a .gov domain is a different process than getting a regular domain such as a .com or .org set up. The first step is to go to the DotGov registry at https://home.dotgov.gov/ and request a domain. They will ensure that you are a proper government authority and perform the necessary validations.

Step 2: Once you've been approved, before you can activate your domain, you will need a DNS provider who can support it (that's us!) AND you will need to configure the domain on our platform in order to receive assigned name servers. Even if you only simply create the domain without any resource records, that's sufficient to complete step 2. You can simply sign up for a trial account on our platform to complete this process, no paid account is required just yet. 

Step 3: Once the domain is created on our platform, you can then return to the DotGov registry and enter the name servers we provided you to complete the validation. Once that is complete (usually 24 to 72 hours) the domain acquisition process will complete. You can now return to our platform to complete configuring all of the appropriate resource records on the domain to get websites and mail flowing.

Lastly, don't forget to subscribe before your trial account runs out!