Do you offer Vanity Name Servers?

If you're looking for name servers that match your brand, such as and, we can do it! 

Every DNS account comes with generic unbranded name servers that you will use for all of the domains/zones in your account (a feature many cloud providers don't even offer). But if you want custom ones, we can certainly do that too. Sometimes this is desired to obfuscate the DNS provider or maintain brand awareness. Or perhaps you're a DNS provider yourself. Either way, we can definitely help.

Not only can we provide custom name server names from your own domain, we will provide IP addresses that are for your exclusive use as well, thus separating your clients or zones from other clients or zones on our platform.

And, we're IPv6 compliant too! Each name server comes with both an IPv4 and IPv6 address to ensure perfect DNS resolution regardless of the address type.

Reach out to our sales or support team for more information on availability and pricing. We're happy to help!