Complaint about a Netriplex IP?

On occasion someone contacts Netriplex DNS about malicious traffic originating from an IP address that they believe belongs to us. This is an extremely rare issue because we do not offer hosting, and our authoritative DNS platform has been carefully configured to avoid backscatter.

If you do believe that one of our IPs has attacked you, or scanned your network, please double check it at the ARIN website first. You can go to and right at the top of the site search for the IP address in question. 99% of the time it belongs to another organization and the database you originally used to find us was quite outdated.

If you find that the IP address is indeed ours, please open a ticket with us under our Security & Abuse team department. Our team will immediately review your case for investigation. We can't always reply swiftly, but if we need further information, we will contact you, so please use a valid email address for correspondence.