Do you have planned outages?

On occasion, Netriplex DNS does need to perform maintenance to our customer portal and API that may take it offline for a short while. But we NEVER perform service impacting maintenance to our DNS platform such that DNS wouldn't resolve.

In the event of portal or API maintenance that may impact you, we generally place a notification on the panel dashboard (after you log in) and we will email you at least 24 hours (for emergency) or 7 days (for routine) work that we will be performing. But all work performed on DNS infrastructure can be done in such a way as to avoid any impact to DNS resolution. We have sufficient redundancy and a global presence to allow us to take entire data centers offline for maintenance without any impact to you.

If you have any questions at all about our maintenance policies and procedures, do not hesitate to contact our sales or support teams. We're happy to provide any clarification needed. We understand DNS availability is important, and any downtime is always unacceptable.