What happens if I exceed my DNS query limit?

We're often asked what happens if you exceed your DNS query limits. The answer is simple... we will always answer your DNS queries, even if you go over. And if you go over consistently, we may charge you overages or contact you to arrange an upgrade to a plan that better fits your needs.

Our pricing matrix shows that each plan/subscription comes with a certain allotment of DNS queries. This is a soft limit and as such, you can exceed this limit by an unlimited amount. 

If you go over on occasion, we won't bill you. Examples include exceeding the DNS query limit during the holiday season, or just for a few days here and there. That's okay. If you consistently exceed the limits (e.g. 3 consecutive months) and it looks like this is the new trend, then we may charge overages (usually at $15/month per 1 Million queries... so it's not expensive) or we'll contact you to arrange a better plan to suit your needs. 

Lastly, we never count DDoS attack traffic towards this limit. It's generally not your fault if someone attacks you, and we understand this and will remove those queries from the counts before considering for billing purposes.